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Security Fencing Products

Commercial Security Fencing and Wholesale Fencing Products

Commercial Security Fencing Products and Wholesale Fencing Supplies for the Perth Area

High quality, reliable security fencing products that stand the test of time.

K-Line Commercial Fencing Contractors are one of the leading names in superior and dependable fencing services and products that are designed to stand up to any challenge.

Are you looking for a security fencing supplier who you can trust to provide products that exceed your standards? Look no further than K-Line Fencing Group. We have been providing reliable and quality security fencing products and services to Perth and surrounding areas for over 40 years.

We offer high quality security fences that are perfectly designed to suit:

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Councils
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Commercial Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Wholesale Fencing Supplies

Find out more, check out some of our clients projects.

If you have a project that requires security fence, K-Line Security Fencing Perth has the correct security fencing solution for you.

Commercial Fence and Wholesale Fencing Materials

Commercial Fencing and Wholesale Fencing Supplies for the Perth Area
Garrison Security Fencing, Garrison Fencing, Garrison Steel Fencing

Garrison Security Fencing

Do you need a heavy duty security fencing product but also want a visually appealing result? Then look no further than our Garrison Security Fencing, which provides exceptional protection as well as looking good.

Treated Pine Bollards, Pine Bollards, Timber Barrier

Timber Bollards & Safety Barriers

Timber bollards allow you to secure school ovals, council reserves and verges from vehicle traffic. Reliable and durable, we offer timber bollards in a variety of designs.

Long Lasting Plastic Bollards, Plastic Safety Bollards

Plastic Bollards

Our reinforced heavy duty plastic bollards offer a way to secure your premises with minimal maintenance required. Define your property boundaries and deter traffic while ensuring the visual aesthetic of your property is not impacted.

Tubular Steel Fencing, Playground Flat-top Tubular Fencing

Tubular Steel Fencing

Looking for a fencing product that stands apart from the pack? A popular choice for a broad range of purposes is our Tubular Steel Fencing. With a variety of styles and features, you can keep your property secure in style.

Chain Wire Security Fencing, Chain Mesh Fencing, Chain Link Fencing

Chain Wire Fencing

A cost effective solution for fencing projects, our Chain Wire Security Fencing is versatile and reliable. The combination of extreme versatility and the ability customise it, provides an incredibly popular choice for a large range of purposes.

Handrails, Tubular Balustrade


An essential requirement for any properties that have an elevated area, handrails help prevent potentially serious injuries. Make sure your project includes necessary safety features by including  handrails.

Commercial Automatic Gates,Industrial Automatic Gates, Swinging and Sliding Gates

Automatic Gates

Heavy duty automatic gates are an essential finishing piece for any fencing project. Don’t let the security of your premises be compromised by a sub-par gate. We provide a range of gates with optional automation to ensure smooth and easy operation.

Wholesale Fencing Materials, Wholesale Fencing Supplies, Wholesale Fencing Products

Wholesale Fencing Materials

A market leader in  high quality security fencing products, we also provide wholesale fencing supplies. You can trust that our wholesale fencing supplies are of the same reliable high quality standard as the products we use for our client’s installations.

Over 30 years of delivering quality fencing products

Find out about our range of fencing products available for installation or wholesale today.