Security Fencing Solutions for Industrial & Commercial Properties

K-Line Commercial Fencing Perth

Prevent theft or damage to your property by installing premium security fencing around your commercial or industrial property. We are trained and ready to work on a variety of large commercial fences and projects, offering you our expertise in state of the art security fencing solutions designed to meet your needs.

K-Line Fencing Group’s commercial fences provide solutions and will protect your business premises around the clock, preventing costly repairs caused by vandalism or theft and lost revenue resulting from downtime while repairs take place.

Commercial Fencing Save 10% 1800mmH Only 98.50+GST/m

Right security fencing solutions for your property

With over 40 years’ experience, K-Line commercial fencing company have developed the knowledge and skills to understand the individual fencing needs of commercial properties, hotels, airports churches and council properties such as parks, ovals and reserves. We ensure each of these types of properties receive the right fencing solution to ensure they are safe and secure.

Range of security fencing products and tailored installation services

We supply a range of security fencing products and an installation service tailored to your property needs including;

  • Combinations of commercial Fencing Products Including High Level Security Garrison Fencing
  • Timber Bollards and Barriers for safety and aesthetic reasons.
  • Tubular Steel Fencing with the option of either swinging or sliding gates.
  • Black / Green / White PVC Coated Chain Wire Fencing
  • Barbed & Razor Chain Mesh Fencing for increased security protection.
  • Fully Galvanised Steel Handrails for maximum strength and durability.
  • Pre-galvanised steel commercial and industrial Automatic Gates Perth
  • Long lasting Plastic Safety Bollards comes in a range of configurations and colours.

Our tried and tested processes make us industry leaders in fencing solutions for the industrial and commercial sector. Read about our commercial properties customers on the case studies page.

Whether you require high security industrial and commercial fencing or dividing fencing between adjacent commercial properties. The team at K-Line commercial fencing contractors have the expertise and experience to deliver reliable fencing solutions to protect your company’s staff, customers and assets.

Industrial Fencing Save 10% 1800mmH Only 98.50+GST/m

Garrison Fencing Perth | Steel Fencing Perth | High Security Fencing
Secure your property with the right fence for the job.

Our experienced fencing team can help you identify the best fencing solution for your property. Book your free consultation, measure and quote today.

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Commercial Fencing Perth – Make Your Property 100% Secure

Fully installed Commercial Garrison Security Fencing 1800mmH only $98.50 +GST/m