Timber Bollards and Barriers Solutions for Council Boundaries

K-Line Fencing Group has worked with numerous councils in order to answer a range of fencing needs on municipal sites including parks, reserves and ovals. We have expertise in improving public access and ensuring restrictions for vehicle access. If you are supervising a council property, choose K-Line Fencing Group for your full security fencing needs.

K-Line Fencing Group has partnered with many local governments and councils, assisting with the planning and installation of fencing, bollard and barrier solutions for municipal or related public sites.

Right security fencing solutions for your property

With over 40 years’ experience, K-Line fencing contractors have developed the knowledge and skills to understand the individual fencing needs of commercial properties, hotels, airports churches and council properties such as parks, ovals and reserves. We ensure each of these types of properties receive the right fencing solution to ensure they are safe and secure.

Range of security fencing products and tailored installation services

We supply a range of security fencing products and an installation service tailored to your property needs including;

For 40 years, councils in Perth and the neighbouring areas have benefitted greatly from K-Line Fencing Group’s commitment to being specialists in providing reliable security fencing solutions. Our tried and tested processes make us industry leaders in fencing solutions for the public sector. Read about our hotel customers on the case studies page.

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Find out about what’s on offer for fencing for council and municipal sites

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