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How to Keep Sporting Facilities Safe and Secure - Sports Facility Fencing

With the right security fencing, you could easily keep your sports facilities secure and safe for adults and children alike.

Basketball, football and soccer players have a high likelihood of being injured by impacting the barriers surrounding the sports ground. Chain mesh fencing, however, is a proven, safe solution to use at sports facilities that reduces the chances of players getting hurt.

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When you consider what fencing to install at your sports facilities, there are a few questions you should be asking.

  • Is the fencing going to last a long time?
  • Is the fencing visually pleasing?
  • Will the fencing do any damage to the ball?
  • Is this fencing cost effective?

The answer to these questions is simple. Chain mesh fencing.

There are two different types of chain wire fencing depending on your needs.

Galvanized chain wire fencing protects against rust and corrosion, providing maximum durability.

PVC coated chain mesh is a more popular choice as it is long-lasting, visually pleasing and also does less damage to balls.

Councils, schools and cricket clubs will often require the ability to lock cricket nets. There is always the option to have custom design gates installed to match the fencing.


One of the most popular uses of chain wire fencing is to secure outdoor courts such as basketball courts.  By installing chain wire fencing around the court’s perimeter, the benefits are twofold.

  • Firstly, and most obviously, it assists in preventing wayward balls from leaving the court area, protecting those outside the court and preventing the loss of balls.
  • Secondly, the chain wire fencing also extends the life of the court by preventing vandals from accessing it and causing damage that may require court resurfacing.


Chain wire fencing is by far the best option for these sporting facilities. But here are some other sports facilities that will benefit from the use of chain wire.

  • Football ovals: Short barrier fences
  • Tennis courts: Court perimeter fences
  • Baseball: Backstop fences
  • Netball courts: Court perimeter fences
  • School ovals: both barrier or perimeter fences

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Chain wire fencing is designed to provide you with cost-effective security while protecting the longevity of your sporting facility. With chain link fencing you will ensure your sporting facility’s visual appearance while also preventing stray balls from injuring bystanders.

If you have any question about what needs to be considered when choosing which chain wire is best for your needs, give us a call. We are ready to help keep our sportspeople protected!

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