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Any construction project is no small feat and requires many hands on deck to get the job done. When it comes to the installation of fencing for a new building, the question comes up who should arrange the fencing? Should you have your builder include the fencing in their contract or should you arrange the fence with a fencing company directly?

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What should you know if your builder includes the fencing in their contract?

This is a question that comes up for all new building projects, the most common option is for the property owner / manager will leave the fencing out of the building contract as there are complications that can arise with builders arranging security fencing for your new site.

  • Your fencing solution is more likely to be tailored to the builders specifications that the actual requirements for your site.
  • When fencing is included in a building contract, if you require making minor changes to the layout or requirements of the fencing during the construction stages of your building, small changes to the fencing layout can be costly, time consuming and is a painful approval process it had to go through.
  • Communication to the fencing installation team can be difficult if all communications need to go through the builders.
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Is it worth arranging the security fencing for your new building directly with a fencing company?

When constructing a new commercial building, this can be a challenging time and a considerable for the property owner.

When making a large investment into a new building and valuable stock and machinery to be stored at the new building, it is important to ensure you will get the right security fencing solution for your needs.

At the time of singing up a building contract it can seem to be viable & easier to have the builder include the fencing in their building contract.

Be sure to consider the following before including your property’s fencing in a building contract:

  • You will have control over the fencing design and installation when arranging the fencing yourself and you will be able to deal direct with the fencing team installing your fence.
  • Making changes to the layout of the fencing or adding additional gates for your fencing after engaging directly with fencing company is easy, ensuring you will have the right fencing installed specifically for your site and company
  • When selecting fencing for your commercial property, it is important the security fencing solution takes into account the types of trucks and vehicles that will be entering & exiting your site for your business operations.
  • Dealing direct with the commercial fencing company will ensure you get you the best value for money.
  • You can ensure the commercial fencing contractors are the best for the job and were not chosen based only on their prior relationships with your builder.

There are numerous reasons why arranging the fencing for your new building project will ensure you will get the right fencing solution for your premises, at the right price whist giving you greater flexibility being able to make changes to your fencing configuration if required throughout the construction stages of your building.

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