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At K-Line we offer an extensive range of wholesale fencing options. Tubular steel fencing is an incredibly popular choice for acting as a barrier or divider.  It is also commonly used in areas where children are present, such as schools, playgrounds and parks. Another widespread use for tubular steel fencing is to provide protection for pedestrians in areas near roads or car parks.

With such a wide variety of applications, it is a natural choice for many different projects. We stock large quantities of black flat top tubular fencing, so there is never any delay on you starting your client’s projects.

Tubular Steel Fencing, Playground Flat-top Tubular Fencing

Tubular Steel Fencing Features Include:

  • Large quantities of 1200mm high x 2400mm wide flat top tubular panels in black, available for immediate dispatch
  • Large quantities of 50mm x 50mm black posts with caps, available for immediate dispatch in 2100mm and 1800mm
  • Matching Powder Coated colour rail brackets and Tek screws for a better finish to your fencing project
  • A variety of colours of powder coated tubular fencing items
  • A diverse range of innovative accessories

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As a wholesaler for residential fencing contractors, please note we do not supply fencing materials direct to the residential market.

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