Gates / Security Fencing Maintenance & Repair Solutions

We provide maintenance & repair solutions, backed with a team of experts to carry out your fencing and gate repairs. Gate repairs and hinge replacements.

  • We specialise in fencing repairs.
  • Re-align fencing, replace damaged posts.
  • Retighten chain wire mesh fencing & barb wires
  • Replace panel brackets & fixings
  • Removal of existing fencing

Our team or fencing experts act promptly for all fencing and gate repairs, to secure your property as quickly as possible in event of damage from vehicles or vandalism. Chain wire fencing as that’s the most common fencing that requires repairs / maintenance.

Toll Ipec Chain Wire Fencing Project, Commercial Chain Wire Fence Project
K-Line Commercial Fencing Perth - Professional Project Management
We specialise in security fencing and installation.

Book in for your convenient free consultation, measure and quote and we’ll work with you to find the right fencing solutions.