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Supporting The Community That Supports Us

In this day and age, it is paramount that those in a position to lend a hand or give back to the community do so. In Australia, we really are the fortunate ones, born into a world of safety, education and freedom of choices – freedom that allows us to reflect on the principles we chose to live by. At K-Line Fencing we take pride in our community involvement, raising funds, donating and participating in events that give back to the WA community in which we live.

We are a family run business which began in Kalamunda and has grown to service the WA community, with our family feeling a strong connection to the community and individuals in it. We support those around us and through our involvement with the Rapid Relief Team (RRT), we have participated in a variety of fundraising activities supporting charities such as the multiple sclerosis society, aiding the homeless and supporting cancer research efforts.

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One event we are proud to be involved in is the Bridges Night Rise for Multiple Sclerosis, which needs an immense amount of organisation and volunteers for the event to run smoothly. In April 2016 the Perth Integrated Cycling Group ran this fantastic event to raise funds for the MS Society, which is dedicated towards helping the thousands of Western Australians with multiple sclerosis. K-Line not only donates money to RRT to ensure these events are possible but also contribute time serving food and drinks to aid in the fund-raising efforts. Perth Integrated Cycling Group also put in an outstanding effort coordinating over 400 riders as they tough out the night conditions to bike up to 70 km.

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Bike riding may not be our favourite hobby but we do enjoy the events and love taking part in any way we can. In October 2015 we contributed to the successfully run Perth City to Mandurah bike ride, with over 1030 participants braving the 31 degree heat to complete the 200km race. We understand the organisation, time and efforts that go in to such events and we are proud to say we contributed to the 4.5 million raised for cancer research through the Harry Perkins Institute of medical Research.

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K-Line Fencing Group continues to expand our involvements aiding several causes and helping a variety of individuals. Through RRT K-Line has had the opportunity to support the Tranby Day Centre, providing day support to homeless people in the greater Perth area. Each community involvement encourages us to do more and we can only hope to encourage those around us to get involved.

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