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5 Benefits of Installing Safety Bollards

Bollards are not only a tool for defining boundaries, protecting buildings and infrastructure but are also an important part of road safety. By having correctly installed heavy duty bollards in the correct locations you can increase pedestrian and traffic safety while not impacting the visual appearance of your property. Learn more about 5 benefits of installing bollards.

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5 Benefits of Installing Safety Bollards

  • Traffic management

Bollards play an integral part in traffic management. From test channelling, traffic diversions, road closures and semi-closures; all require the use of bollards.

  • Traffic calming and safety

One of the most essential uses of bollard is to help alert drivers to narrow roads, high curbs, manage vehicle flow in high traffic roads and to prevent vehicles from mounting the sidewalk.

  • Security for building and infrastructure

An essential security device, bollards provide security from both accidental and intentional damage from vehicles. Any building or infrastructure that is at risk from the impact of a vehicle would have security greatly improved by the installation of bollards. Banks, schools, government offices, museums, military buildings and corner buildings all should consider the installation of bollards.

  • Prevent mounting the curb.

Sometimes when parking is in short supply in a high traffic area, people resort to mounting the curb and parking on the verge or sidewalk. Vehicles attempting to enter and exit tight parking lots can also end up easily mounting the curb and causing accidental damage to gardens and even buildings.

  • Pedestrian safety

Crowded street corners, poor traffic signals and unsafe crosswalks can all pose safety concerns for pedestrians. By installing bollards in areas with significant pedestrian and vehicular traffic it helps ensure the safety of pedestrians from being injured by any wayward vehicles.


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