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What is the Best Fencing Material to Stand Up to Perth’s Weather?

Hot, dry summers, wet winters, strong storms and even the sea breeze we rely on to cool us down here in Perth.

With such a wide range of climate challenges to take into consideration when deciding on what type of fence you should install, the big question is what fence can stand up to Perth’s weather?

Chain Wire Security Fencing, Chain Mesh Fencing, Chain Link Fencing

Aluminum fencing and automatic gates

If you are looking for a fence that’s highly rust resistant, aluminum may seem like the right fencing material for your property’s needs.

However, before selecting aluminum fencing be sure to consider the following:

  • Aluminum has a natural rust resistant property, and doesn’t warp.
  • There is little maintenance needed for aluminum
  • Aluminum fencing is considerably weaker than steel fencing.
  • It is easily bent & destroyed by vandals or severe weather conditions.
  • Aluminum fencing panels can sag in the centre due to their light-duty construction.

If you need effective security fence for your premises that will stand up to vandals attempting to break into your premises and harsh weather conditions, then aluminum fencing is not the right fencing solution for your needs.

Garrison Security Fencing, Garrison Fencing, Garrison Steel Fencing

Steel fencing and automatic gates

Steel is a very strong material that is ideal for fencing that needs to provide a high level of protection and security at industrial and commercial properties.

Steel fencing will be able to stand up to the strong storms and winds experienced during winter in Australia. If however, you are in an area where the fence will be exposed to salty air, the steel used and the powder coating process will have a considerable impact on the longevity of the fencing and it could be at risk from rusting if the correct materials and coating’s are appropriately used.

Key points to check before purchasing steel security fencing:

  • All steel to be pre-galvanised both inside & outside the tube
  • Garrison Fencing uprights are face-welded & don’t go through holes punched into the rails
  • Welds on panels are with silicon bronze or stainless steel welding wire
  • Entire product is cleaned with an epoxy diluent prior to powder-coating
  • Minimum thickness of the powder applied is 60 um prior to being baked

In most industrial and commercial property applications, steel security fencing is the answer as it provides a stronger security fencing solution and is impact resistant, so it is the perfect material to use for security gates and fencing which is worth the investment if you are protecting valuable stock and machinery.

Aluminum and steel are high-quality materials. However, it is very important to consider the elements that your fence will need to endure to make sure the right fencing solution is selected for your requirements.

For commercial and industrial fencing, steel fencing is recommended because of its strength & maximum longevity.

If you are unsure about what fence would be best suited for your site, call the experts at K-Line Fencing Group today on 9454 8399.

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